Devo #2 Proverbs 31:13

She seeks wool and flax, and willingly works with her hands. Proverbs 31:13

I love reading about the virtuous woman found in Proverbs 31. I spent a great deal of time studying her but it wasn’t until recently that this verse jumped out at me. The first time I studied these passages, I thought she was an impossible model for the modern woman to ever achieve. I have notes written in my bible that claim, in my young Christian mind, that there was no way I could live up to this standard. It was unrealistic. After all, I was a young mother (under 30 at the time and had only been a Christian for 3 years) with 3 small children, a husband, a busy demanding career.

For me, the best part of aging is perspective and understanding changes. I realized that the virtuous woman wasn’t born that she; she grew and developed with study, prayer and guidance of her Heavenly Father.

Now what, pray tell does any of this have to do with crocheting, to me everything. In Proverbs 3:6 we learn that we should “In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.” The path He put me on is to seek wool and flax and to work willingly with my hands.

I love crocheting. And anything and everything I should do should be to His glory. Crocheting started out as a hobby to help me relax, but now I see it was the start of a journey and even though I do not know where that journey will lead me, God will be directing my path.

One thing for me is this blog. I want to not only share my skill with others, I want to teach and show how people might be able to use this skill to help others.

What path have you been led to? How can you acknowledge Him in a hobby or skill that you have? If you like to read, have you considered reading to the sick or shut-in? If you knit, have you made some hats or scarves for the homeless?



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  1. ZaMarah
    Jan 14, 2013 @ 12:52:01

    I love this Poooost!!
    The Proverbs 31 woman is my role model!
    I strive to be like her everyday!!
    And i too acknowledge the Heavenly Father in and through my work, every piece I work on I pray over.
    And I’m looking for information on crocheting for charities.
    Great post Michelle, I am definitely Motivated on this Monday!!

    Blessings ❤


  2. ZaMarah
    Jan 14, 2013 @ 12:54:22

    Reblogged this on Designs by Hebrew Hands and commented:
    Motivational Monday!!
    After reading the Post… I am definitely Motivated this Monday!!


  3. Momwithahook- Sara
    Jan 14, 2013 @ 13:11:52

    Michelle, in a version of the Bible I have it says ‘yarn’ so I when I used to read that verse I got all excited because I figured God was saying my little hobby was something worth acknowledging. You are right on when you say that you are on a Journey – a journey of growth.

    I think sometimes people miss that in the fog of religion because we are always taught to “get saved”. That is the first step in a long journey that will lead you home – to your Heavenly father. In the journey you’ll fall, reach out to God and be lifted up.

    Growth is a part of life and I’m looking forward to see where your journey takes you.


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