How I do it Series- Three Color Baby Blanket – The planning

Happy Thursday and welcome back to How I do it!

Last week, we started looking into the “behind the scenes” process of how I go about designing. If you miss the intro, click here.

The Sketch:
Well I had a good handle on what my client had in mind, so I began doodling.


Playing around with design, I realized that I really enjoyed being able to figure out exactly how I was going to do it. The rush of design. I doodled a few possibilities. I’m not sure how clear the picture is, but this is my scratch paper that I had out as I spoke with my client. We had already established a price (more about that on another post.) Then I narrowed my focus down to the two plans I liked the most.


Of course I had to have my favorite little interior designer (my littlest one) double-check which one I should do. And a design is born. The one on the right won.

The Math:
Using the yarn I had bought Caron One Pound in Pink and Red Heart in Yellow and Green, I made a swatch. Last year when I started crocheting and knitting, I hated making a swatch. I didn’t see the point. Well, there is one, at least when it comes to design. If I wanted the blanket to be consistent (my last one wasn’t) then I needed to know how many stitches I would need in order to make the length of the blanket as well as how many rows of double crochet stitches I would need to make the height.


From the pictures, you might be able to see my chicken scratch math calculations. I knew from my swatch that 3 chains equaled 1 inch. And 1 and a half rows equaled 1 inch. I did some math and figured out how many stitches to chain and how many rows i would need. But things never go quite as planned, you read in next week’s post.

How do you go about designing your patterns?

Day 24’s prompt for the 31 Day Blog Challenge asked how me to find out how easy it is to repost one of my posts. So, if you wanted to repsot this (or tweet) how easy would it be?

Remember, at the end of the series, I’ll be posting my free pattern for this blanket. See ya next week.

Hope this helped.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ZaMarah (@HebrewHands)
    Jan 24, 2013 @ 13:29:49

    Excellent Post…
    And you’ve shown me, that I am on the right track!
    I’ve crocheted my first pattern for my grandson’s blanket, but I didn’t write it out.
    So, I’m going to do another one, and actually write it out this time!
    Keep up the good work!


    • milahshandcrafts
      Jan 24, 2013 @ 15:44:15

      Thanks and good job. Even if you didn’t write his blanket out, you can always go back and try to figure it out. But, yes, starting from scratch sometimes is easier. good luck!


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