How I do it Series- Three Color Baby Blanket – the crocheting

This is the third post in the series. If you missed the first or the second please go back to read.

Today, I’m going to share my experience with the actual crocheting. Last post, I talked about the math I did to figure out my pattern I needed to follow to create the 3 color baby blanket.

I don’t know if I mentioned that math was not one of my strong suits, lol, so needless to say, some things didn’t not quite work out the way I had planned on paper.

Hurdle #1- The height measurement was off. From my swatch, I thought it would take 27 rows of double crochet to make the center pink section a 20×20 square. NOT. On paper it seemed simple enough, if 1.5 rows equaled 1 inch then I could set up a ratio to see how many rows would equal 20 inches.

1.5/1 = r/20

1.5 x 20 = 1r

r= 30

I know, icky math. But, your third grade teacher didn’t lie to you, math does come in handy, sometimes wait until we use circumference! But the problem was, I didn’t make my swatch the same way I started my blanket, silly me. Lesson learned for next time!

Hurdle #2- Joanne’s Fabric Store didn’t have the shade of green I liked, so I had to order on line. First time I’ve done that, but it didn’t get here soon enough and I was crocheting fast (finished the 4 yellow panels and the center pink one in two days.) I didn’t want to wait so I adjusted my design.

blanket 3

Hurdle #3- There was a method I wanted to use to connect the pieces that I saw on Pintrest, but I couldn’t understand the tutorial correctly and it didn’t work out. So I had to sew the pieces together a different way.

connecting pannels

Hurdle #4- Second guessing all of my decisions and wanting to start from scratch! I called my sister to help to talk me off the ledge! After everyone in my house was asked three times if they liked it, I had to press on.

Well, as they say: best laid plans and all of that.

So what hurdles have you ever faced when tackling a project? I’d love to hear that I’m not alone.

Hope this helped.


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