Crochet Charity – 5 Tips Helpful Tips

It’s Tabitha Tuesday and I wanted to offer some tips about Crocheting for Charity.

1. Make a personal connection. You will be more dedicated to a charity that is close to home. If charity begins at home and home is where the heart is, then charity begins where your heart is.

2. Use a simple pattern. If you are going to say, make 5 hats to donate, then using a pattern that is simple will help you complete them with little effort.

3. Use yarn and skills that you already posses. Removing excuses will help you get your donations finished.

4. Learn a new skill to practice. It might sound a bit like I’m flip-flopping, but some people need to have excuses removed, while others need the motivation of a challenge. When learning a new stitch, it’s nice to practice on a swatch before you begin your project. You might as well make a 8×8 or a 7×9 swatch square and then donate it.

5. Make a template. It is easier when crocheting the same item, like a 8×8 square, to use a sample template to judge the length than pulling out your tape measuere each time.

I hope this helps and maybe make it easier to chrochet something for charity. I’m still collecting chemo cpas and 7×9 sqaures. Please let me know if you can help.

Logo_Horizontal_Warming Hearts and Heads (2)

Update for Knots of Love: Plea for more Sleep Caps

“There is still a huge need for sleep caps. I hear ALL the time how wonderful our sleep caps are. It would help us if you could please print on the outside of your package or envelope SLEEP CAPS INSIDE. This way, when we process/donate/ship caps we will know where to find more sleep caps when we fill the bags. Refer to our yarn list for Sleep Cap required yarns. Thanks!”


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