Count it all Joy…

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In James 1, James gives us some pretty hard advice to take: My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience (v 2 and 3.) I mean how are we supposed to be able to find something good: Joy, when bad things happen, I ask you?

A few weeks ago, I went to the doctor about my wrists that have been bothering me (if you remember) something awful. Well, he informed me that I have arthritis in my BOTH of my wrist. Yeah, um how can I have a crochet craft business Old Author is my silent partner? Not seeing the joy, let me tell you!

But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing (v 4.) Patience, I guess is the key. I might not be able to speedily crochet baby blankets, but I still can make smaller items or take my time to complete larger more labor intensive work. I might even be able to focus on writing patterns.

Even if the night is bleak- pain if I crochet for to long- but Joy comes in the morning.

So what are you struggling with? How have you overcome some personal difficulty with you crafting?



Time Flies…

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The old adage is: Time flies, when you’re having fun. But I think it’s flying no matter what. Where did March go? And oh my, we’re already a week into April! Much of March I spent organizing and decluttering my house (and my life.)

Proverbs 14:1 tells us: The wise woman builds her house, But the foolish pulls it down with her hands.

And who among us doesn’t wish to be wise? So build up something today. Your crochet business, your inventory, your house, your relationship with God, or your children or you husband or a friend. Spend time working on what’s important to you.

So what will you build?

WIP Wednesday and Progress Update

Happy Wednesday!

Wow, it feels like forever since I’ve posted on here! And it has been a while. But I’ve been a busy girl! I may have mentioned that on my journey for 31 days to Prepare for a Craft show, one day focused on the craft area.

Uh, well, I didn’t have one. I had an area that has “housed” many things: beauty shop, school room, and now finally a craft area. But in order to get it ready, I had some major jobs to tackle. So, I got caught up in Spring Cleaning and Purging and Organizing my entire house! Yeah, it took some time since I’m a pack rat.

I normally wouldn't show how messy my house can get.

I normally wouldn’t show how messy my house can get.

As you can see, from just my craft area, I had my hands busy.

craft area

My daughter loves to sew and craft (like her Momma.) I set up space for us both to share.

crafts area- bookshelf

A place for everything and everything in its place.

craft area-yarn

My stash 🙂

All I need is to take my label maker and label everything!! After I finished all that, I was able to pick back up my hook and finished my son’s school blanket.

Malachi's blanket

I was asked to make a pillow for a friend of mine for her job.


She wanted words on the pillow and I was having the hardest time figuring out how to do it since it was such a small pillow. I first tried to just do some color work on it. NOT. It was not right. I tried to embroider on it. NOT. Then I tried do cross stitch, but I didn’t like the way it looked. So, finally I did a crochet chain to write the words. It came out fine, but I forgot to take a picture

My current work:


I picked up this amazing Marble chunky yarn by James C. Brett and I’ve been waiting to make a new project bag! Whew! So what’s on your hook? Check out what others are working on:


Motivational Monday #11

crochet devo

Happy Monday!

I’m preparing to teach a young friend of mine how to crochet. She needs to learn different needle crafts for her to earn a badge for her American Heritage Girl troop. And I’m quite looking forward to it. I’ve been spending a lot of time working on decluttering/cleaning/decorating my house for Spring and not a lot of time with my crochet.

In Titus 2, women of a certain age (I don’t want to say older because I’m having some trouble with this past birthday, lol) are to instruct the younger women. We are to be good examples for them to look up to and want to be like. So in sharing my love for crochet, I hope to help my young friend one day be a good homemaker and crafter.

Have you ever taught someone to crochet? Any tips?

Motivational Monday

crochet devo
Happy Monday!

When I was in elementary school, my favorite topic in gym class was gymnastics. And what I loved the most was the balance beam. Now I was by no means a Gabby Douglas, but I enjoyed it!

unfortunately, that is where my love of balance stopped. In my crafting, I tend to hyper focus on one craft and then get distracted by my next activity and never cycle back around to the that craft until a year or years later. With crochet it’s been different. I’ve been on my crochet obsession for quite some time now, almost 5 months.

But now, I’m getting distracted de-cluttering and spring cleaning are calling me. So what does any of this got to do with motivation? Tons.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven.

Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, wrote these words and I finally am getting how they apply to my life. If there is a time to be born and to die, a time to break down and a time to build up, then there is a time for me find balance for each of the activities I enjoy AND those activities that I have to do. Balance is the key.

So I am going to be working on a huge house wide purging and my crocheting. My goal is to place at least one thing I’ve crocheted in every room of my house.

So, how do you find your balance?

Finishing and Final Thoughts for this Friday- Day 13

31 days to crafts show

Ok, so I’ve been 41 for a week now. And what have I accomplished? hmmm… I have a touch of ADD (really I do) and I tend to jump around a bit from activity to activity. And when road blocks of any kind get in my way, I tend to just avoid them.

Well, like I said, I’m 41 now, time to woman up and face them. In my preparing for a craft show Day 13 speaks about Molly’s craft area. I had rooted out a small craft area in our small home but was soon over run by my daughter’s craftiness (her crafting not her wiliness 🙂 and now it looks like a hurricane flew around the area.

So here’s me.

Me: I need to get that area set up for my crafts.
Myself: But it’s too much stuff. You should go work on your room.
I: or just crochet something.
Me: No, for my next post, I have to have my craft area done.
Myself: But what about all the crafts in your bedroom. No, you should work on your room first.
I: or just crochet something.
Me: But how can I get ready for a craft show without a craft room?
Myself: Your bedroom deserves a make over.
I: or just crochet something…

Needless to say, my argument went on for about a week and I decided on my bedroom so that I can then move forward.

So what did I get accomplished? My bathroom! lol, It’s the master bathroom so I’m counting it. I’ll post pics as soon as I hang up my artwork and redo my curtains! But it came out rather nicely and guess what? I found empty space! I love purging. Who said that? Not, I.

Have a great weekend!

WIP Wednesday And Day 10

31 days to crafts show

Two Years ago, I lost 40 pounds. Zumba helped. Running helped. Weight Watchers helped. But what helped the most was tracking! I tracked everything I ate, I tracked my weight loss, I tracked how many inches I lost. I love seeing my numbers shrink. I once read that if you want to see success about something, you should track it.

On the day 10, Molly discussed about tracking inventory. I’ve seen first hand how important tracking something is.

So adding to my inventory I’m working on…

I’m up to four dish cloths now.
dish cloth

These critters are made with floss.
hair clips

A doll. She’s coming along. I wish the picture came out better.


And my son wanted to me make him a blanket based on his high school colors!

Malachi's blanket

What’s on your hooks? If you want to see some other WIPS, check out

Tabitha Tuesday

I’m taking a small break from preparing for my craft show. And I wanted to do a spotlight on a charity.


Danette LeMaster began God’s Tiny Angles in the fall of 1999. According to her webpage, “two things contributed to the start of God’s Tiny Angels: the gift of crochet and the need to help babies in need.” They distribute handmade items to hospitals across the country.

They have a Yahoo group called godstinyangels.

Check them out!

Motivational Monday #9

crochet devo
Happy Monday to you!

I’m not sure how motivational I’ll be today. We had very sad news in my church family this week. One of the expectant mothers lost her baby just a week before she was due. As of yet, the doctors don’t know why. But really, will any of us ever be able to answer that question? In Romans 12: 15, it states: Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.

And let me tell you I did some weeping. When I first began crocheting I found websites that requested garments crocheted for little angles: those babies who either never made it or who died soon after their arrivals. And to be quite honest I didn’t think I could ever do it. Knowingly crochet something for a lost little one, until last week.

Enterlac 2

I had begun a baby blanket for the craft fair. Well, I had not gotten very far, so it was about the right size. The whole while I finished the blanket and while making the hat, I weeped. But I finished it. Our preacher took it to the hospital with him as he went to comfort the grieving couple.

I don’t know if the blanket brought any comfort, I don’t expect much could at a time like that, but maybe in some small way it did. I couldn’t nor would I intrude, but I pray the the tiny gift helped. The little angle wound up being born on my birthday, Friday. So it made all the more special to me.

We have a gift. Being able to crochet for people we might not be able to hug or comfort, but we have something to offer them. Sometimes when we donate crocheted items to causes we never see how they are recieved or how they give comfort and warth to someone in need. And we don’t have too. Just know that we do.

How can you offer comfort to someone today?

Day 9 – Preparation and Presentation

31 days to crafts show

Working through my Craft show prep, I’m on day 9. Molly, on her 31 day journey focused on photography. I think I need to spend some more time on this one, but for now I have learned a little.

Humans are visual. The more appealing something looks the more we want it. So it is very important to take great, clear pictures.

The best place for me to take photos is on my back deck, lots of natural light.

The second part of my post is about preparation. I wanted to know what I was starting with, so I took a picture (not on my back deck) of all the yarn I currently had on hand.

yarn stash

Since I had taken this in my room, I had some extra clutter in the back of the shot. I wanted to get rid of it so I used the eraser tool on Pixler is a wonderful FREE tool that helps you retouch and work with your photos. I’ve lighten pictures, added words to my photos. It’s great! And did I mention: FREE???!!!

Here are some examples:




step 2

Taking photos of my work is something I really need to work on. Do you have any tips or tricks to working with photography?

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