WIP Wednesday and Progress Update

Happy Wednesday!

Wow, it feels like forever since I’ve posted on here! And it has been a while. But I’ve been a busy girl! I may have mentioned that on my journey for 31 days to Prepare for a Craft show, one day focused on the craft area.

Uh, well, I didn’t have one. I had an area that has “housed” many things: beauty shop, school room, and now finally a craft area. But in order to get it ready, I had some major jobs to tackle. So, I got caught up in Spring Cleaning and Purging and Organizing my entire house! Yeah, it took some time since I’m a pack rat.

I normally wouldn't show how messy my house can get.

I normally wouldn’t show how messy my house can get.

As you can see, from just my craft area, I had my hands busy.

craft area

My daughter loves to sew and craft (like her Momma.) I set up space for us both to share.

crafts area- bookshelf

A place for everything and everything in its place.

craft area-yarn

My stash 🙂

All I need is to take my label maker and label everything!! After I finished all that, I was able to pick back up my hook and finished my son’s school blanket.

Malachi's blanket

I was asked to make a pillow for a friend of mine for her job.


She wanted words on the pillow and I was having the hardest time figuring out how to do it since it was such a small pillow. I first tried to just do some color work on it. NOT. It was not right. I tried to embroider on it. NOT. Then I tried do cross stitch, but I didn’t like the way it looked. So, finally I did a crochet chain to write the words. It came out fine, but I forgot to take a picture

My current work:


I picked up this amazing Marble chunky yarn by James C. Brett and I’ve been waiting to make a new project bag! Whew! So what’s on your hook? Check out what others are working on:



Finishing and Final Thoughts for this Friday- Day 13

31 days to crafts show

Ok, so I’ve been 41 for a week now. And what have I accomplished? hmmm… I have a touch of ADD (really I do) and I tend to jump around a bit from activity to activity. And when road blocks of any kind get in my way, I tend to just avoid them.

Well, like I said, I’m 41 now, time to woman up and face them. In my preparing for a craft show Day 13 speaks about Molly’s craft area. I had rooted out a small craft area in our small home but was soon over run by my daughter’s craftiness (her crafting not her wiliness 🙂 and now it looks like a hurricane flew around the area.

So here’s me.

Me: I need to get that area set up for my crafts.
Myself: But it’s too much stuff. You should go work on your room.
I: or just crochet something.
Me: No, for my next post, I have to have my craft area done.
Myself: But what about all the crafts in your bedroom. No, you should work on your room first.
I: or just crochet something.
Me: But how can I get ready for a craft show without a craft room?
Myself: Your bedroom deserves a make over.
I: or just crochet something…

Needless to say, my argument went on for about a week and I decided on my bedroom so that I can then move forward.

So what did I get accomplished? My bathroom! lol, It’s the master bathroom so I’m counting it. I’ll post pics as soon as I hang up my artwork and redo my curtains! But it came out rather nicely and guess what? I found empty space! I love purging. Who said that? Not, I.

Have a great weekend!

WIP Wednesday And Day 10

31 days to crafts show

Two Years ago, I lost 40 pounds. Zumba helped. Running helped. Weight Watchers helped. But what helped the most was tracking! I tracked everything I ate, I tracked my weight loss, I tracked how many inches I lost. I love seeing my numbers shrink. I once read that if you want to see success about something, you should track it.

On the day 10, Molly discussed about tracking inventory. I’ve seen first hand how important tracking something is.

So adding to my inventory I’m working on…

I’m up to four dish cloths now.
dish cloth

These critters are made with floss.
hair clips

A doll. She’s coming along. I wish the picture came out better.


And my son wanted to me make him a blanket based on his high school colors!

Malachi's blanket

What’s on your hooks? If you want to see some other WIPS, check out

Day 9 – Preparation and Presentation

31 days to crafts show

Working through my Craft show prep, I’m on day 9. Molly, on her 31 day journey focused on photography. I think I need to spend some more time on this one, but for now I have learned a little.

Humans are visual. The more appealing something looks the more we want it. So it is very important to take great, clear pictures.

The best place for me to take photos is on my back deck, lots of natural light.

The second part of my post is about preparation. I wanted to know what I was starting with, so I took a picture (not on my back deck) of all the yarn I currently had on hand.

yarn stash

Since I had taken this in my room, I had some extra clutter in the back of the shot. I wanted to get rid of it so I used the eraser tool on Pixler.com. Pixler is a wonderful FREE tool that helps you retouch and work with your photos. I’ve lighten pictures, added words to my photos. It’s great! And did I mention: FREE???!!!

Here are some examples:




step 2

Taking photos of my work is something I really need to work on. Do you have any tips or tricks to working with photography?

Motivational Monday- Days 6-8

crochet devo

Happy Monday!
I caught up on Molly’s 31 Days to Prepare for a Craft show. On her first weekend she spent time creating her inventory, she shared a tip about creating a sort of assembly line, and she learned how to say no when someone wanted to add to her already busy plate.

31 days to crafts show

Even though I working on my 31 days, it’s still Monday and it’s still Motivational Monday. Recently, I started working on an article about things I’ve learned from crochet. Slowly, I’ve been coming up with ideas for making my inventory. At one point, I had so many ideas I felt that I could never make everything I wanted to. Hand puppets, finger puppets, purses, bags, accessories, dolls, doll furniture!

Proverbs 13:4
The soul of a lazy man desires, and has nothing; But the soul of the diligent shall be made rich.

I have to work. If I am going to be successful, I have to work! If I want to make my crochet hobby into my crochet business I have to be diligent.

Tonight, I have a one on one consultation with Sedruola Maruska from Yarn Obsession. We’re going to talk about how to make my goals happen.

So, what are you doing today, this week, this month to make your dreams come true?

Finished Friday- Day 5

31 days to crafts show

Happy Friday!

Here’s an update on my progress so far for my inventory.

One completed pig! This is my first (well the first one I have the guts to show of a stuffie that I created. I think Pinkie T Pig came out all right.


I finished off the hair clips.


I loved this pattern, Sara had posted it on her 31 Days to a Craft show and it was exactly what I was looking for.


On Molly’s day 5, she offered a tip. Well I don’t have a tip about doing the craft but I do have a tip about pricing. I am by no means an expert. I undersell myself a lot. But it’s a learning process. So here’s what I’ve learned.

The only way a business, any business can survive is to make money: a profit. And the only way I can make a profit is if what I sell an item for is greater than what it cost for me to make it.

Let’s take my hair clips for example. Those are my Unit. I used the following supplies to make the clips: floss ($0.70), clip ($0.16) and glue (maybe for the dab of hot glue- $0.02). To find out how much it cost to make the clip I’d add the cost of the supplies.

0.70+ 0.16 + 0.02= $0.88

So, to make both clips, it cost me 88 cents. But there was more to making those clips: my time. Labor costs need to be factored in and this is where I always have a problem. Insert issues of self-worth 🙂 How much is my time/labor worth? How much would I like to be paid for crocheting? I’m going to say $3.00 an hour. No, I’m not trying to run a sweat shop but I also don’t want to out price myself so my business doesn’t make a profit.

So we have $0.88 + $1.50 (it only took me 30 minutes to make both.) The total cost of one unit is $2.38. I would have to sell these clips for more than $2.38 in order to make a profit.

There are other things to factor in, like overhead and the cost of running a business, like: the cost of the booth rental, the space I use in my house, business cards, packaging supplies! But for now, I’m not going to factor those things in. At least I know what it costs to make my hair clips.

I hope this was sort of helpful. How do you factor your price points?


Day 4

31 days to crafts show

It’s Teach me something Thursday. So this will be a post with two parts. On day 4, Molly talked about business cards. He’s what I came up with, but I think they are very boring. I need to work on them.

business cards 1

On Yarn Obssession, Sedrula posted a really helpful post about what every business card should have. Check it out.

I got a lot of positive feedback on my Enterlac Blanket, so I began another one for the start of my inventory for the craft show.

Enterlac 2

My son even requested one done in his school’s colors: green and white. I wanted to post a bit of a tutorial as well. I first found out about Enterlac crochet from the book:
But I didn’t really like the way it worked up.

Then I found a really helpful video on Youtube and she linked to a website. Both were really well done, but left out some tips I learned as I was working mine up.

I’ll be posting a tutorial for any who what to follow along.

Day 3- Inventory and WIPs

31 days to crafts showHappy WIP Wednesday! Today, I’m also working on my 31 Days to prepare for a craft show. On day three of Molly’s 31 Days she discussed how much inventory would she have to bring (and make) for her first crafts show. Well, I think that ties in to my WIPs.

I finished my Tusican Enterlac and I don’t have anything else pending so now is the time to begin making my inventory.
enterlac blanket

But how much to make? What should I focus on making? Where do I begin? Yes, I needed to take a breath!

Molly listed the things she was going to sell in her post, so that’s where could start.

Baby hats , Baby booties , Baby sweater
Dolls , Doll clothes , Adult hats
Softies , Patterns , Crochet key chains
Hair accessories , Flip flop charms , Purses
Blankets , Tote bags , Shoes
Crochet doll food

All these things could work, but depending on which craft fair I plan to enter will really help me focus on which items to focus my attention on.

This week, I’ve began working on…

I love this hat. I used Red Heart Baby love in lilac and green. The butterfly came out well. I want to do a tutorial on it.
baby hat and booties

This will be attached to a hair clip. One thing I kept seeing on boards and posts, is that hair do-dads for girls sell well. I used embroidery floss! I was a bit skeptical as to how it would work, but it wasn’t that difficult.

hair bow

I found a post that said, as a rule of thumb, you should bring 10x the amount of the cost of the booth worth of inventory. FOr example, if the booth cost $100, 10 x 100= $1000 worth of product. I’ve got a lot of work to get done.

If you want to see what other’s are working on, check out Tami Amis’ blog:


Day 1 and 2

31 days to crafts show

Day 1 and 2
I’ve never done a craft show. I’ve been to a few, but I set a goal and I’m aiming to keep it.

But where do I start? Google of course.

crafts shows

I started clicking on the links to find one. I’m not going to lie to you, I got a little overwelmbed by the cost to enter, the application, the pictures… I mean what do I really have to offer? Why would they choose me? I don’t have enough inventory to sell? How much inventory do I need anyway?

Doubt after doubt crowded in around me and I thought, nevermind. Maybe next year…

Psalm 28:7
The Lord is my strength and my shield; My heart trusted in Him, and I am helped; Therefore my heart greatly rejoices, And with my song I will praise Him.

And guess what? Sara Dungan posted on her Facebook wall about doing a 31 Blog Challenge by Molly Eleen about what? Preparing for a craft show! Hello, who’s your strength? I love it when I notice how God works in my life.

So I went back to searching and narrowed down my choices of which shows I’m going to enter.
– Hampton Bay Days
– Hampton University Homecoming Bazzar
– Virginia Beach Christmas Craft Market
– Viginia Beach Craft Show at Kempsville
– Christmas in Our Hometown Craft Show
– Cypress Point Circle of The King’s Daughters Holiday Bazaar.

The tree most important words in realstate also helped narrow down my choices: location, location, location! All of these shows are close to me that way travel won’t interfer with me being able to get there, transport my inventory (if and when I have some- more on that tomorrow) and bring it all home inone day.

So here are the contendors

1. Craft Show. 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Kempsville Masonic Lodge, 4869 Princess Anne Road, Virginia Beach. Baked goods for sale and lunch served. 427-1978, 681-1808 or 490-4808. OCT 13

My thoughts: It’s a one day show. They didn’t list a price, but I’m assuming it won’t be cost prohibited.

2. Christmas in Our Hometown Craft Show. 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Workforce Center next to Paul D. Camp Community College, Franklin. More than 50 crafters and home party dealers with items that can be taken home that day. Lunch available and provided by Southampton Social Services. Admission is free, but canned goods accepted to support the Emergency Food Pantry. 620-5499. Oct 27

My thoughts: Another one day-er, not a huge time committment, that’s a plus. It’s a little more distance. I wonder will it have the traffic I would want? But some times smaller is better, right?

3. Cypress Point Circle of The King’s Daughters Holiday Bazaar. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Quality Suites and Sleep Inn at Lake Wright, 6280 Northampton Blvd., Norfolk. More than 50 exhibitors featuring custom jewelry, children’s clothing, accessories, books, garden, holiday and more. Proceeds benefit CHKD. Admission is $2, children under 10 free. For information, visit http://www.kingsdaughters.org/holidaybazaar.

My thoughts: This is a holiday one, which might be nice. People are coming to buy, but I don’t really have any “Christmas-y” type items I make. I do like the one day and it isn’t so early in the morning.

4. 31st annual Virginia Beach Christmas Market. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Nov. 23 and 24 and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Nov. 25 at Virginia Beach Convention Center, 1000 19th St., Virginia Beach. Admission: $7, $2 ages 6 to 12, ages under 6 are free. Donations to the Food Bank of Southeastern Virginia accepted. For more information, visit http://www.emgshows.com.

My thoughts: Okay, this is the first of the multiple day craft fairs. Three days of travel, three days of on my feet selling, three days worth of inventory… (yikes)

5. Newport News’ Fall Festival of Folklife is one of Southeast Virginia’s biggest celebration of traditional crafts, trades and entertainment. From the 200 crafts people selling their wares under a canopy of trees to the acoustic melodies drifting from the Lake Stage, Newport News Regional Park is filled with the sounds, sights and memories that have been carefully passed from generation to generation. The festival includes a craft competition, craft and trade demonstrations, free children’s activities, food vendors and continuous entertainment. Parking fee. Deadline April 1.

My thoughts: This is a very large show (200 crafters) and it might be intimidating for a first timer like me. And I couldn’t find any information about the cost of space rental.

6. Hampton University Bazaar will be held from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. in front of the Student Center, which is located at 135 Marshall Avenue. The vendor fee for this year will be $155.00 ($40 for Hampton University students) and will include the rental space and one eight foot table. This fee only applies to the Bazaar held on Friday. To become a vendor on Saturday, October 12, 2013, please contact Ms. Evelyn Stewart at 757-727-5383. The fee does not include chairs; you will need to supply your own. (Depending on the needs of your organization, additional fees may be charged and a detailed explanation of these charges will be enclosed.) The deadline for applications, agreements and payments is Friday, October 11, 2013. Late charges will be assessed for anyone who does not meet this deadline. Payments must be made by cash, cashier’s check, or money order; no refunds will be granted under any circumstances. We encourage you to respond as quickly as possible; space is limited this year. We are also extremely limited in the number of electrical outlets we can provide. This year that limit will be strictly enforced. There will be no on-site registration.

My thoughts: This is very close to me. One day. I wonder if they give a discount for alumni? I would have to narrow the focus of my inventory to gear towards college students, their parents, and alumni. Not impossible. But I know people come to the bazzar to shop.

7. Hampton Bay Days is proud to announce the addition of the Fine Arts Area to the Hampton Bay Days Festival. We are inviting artists to display and sell their original artwork in the media categories of painting, photography, drawing, graphics, and mixed media. Artist’s booths will line Mill Point Park in the heart of the Hampton Bay Days Festival. This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your creativity and originality to a community that embraces art. Please print and fill out the application below and submit to Hampton Bay Days office to be considered for selection as a Fine Arts and Handmade Crafts vendor. Those selected to participate will have reduced booth space fees for a 10′ X 10′ area ($100). For a copy of the 2012 application please email fine_arts@baydays.com.

My thoughts: Another one that it’s in my backyard, but it’s three days. I’ve been to this event many times but I wonder if people really come to buy at this event or just to look and hang out. I also, don’t like the hours of this event.

A lot to think about! Ruling out any multi-day event, I think one of the smaller craft fairs will be best for a newbie. What do you think? How did you or would you select your first craft show?

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