Finishing and Final Thoughts for this Friday- Day 13

31 days to crafts show

Ok, so I’ve been 41 for a week now. And what have I accomplished? hmmm… I have a touch of ADD (really I do) and I tend to jump around a bit from activity to activity. And when road blocks of any kind get in my way, I tend to just avoid them.

Well, like I said, I’m 41 now, time to woman up and face them. In my preparing for a craft show Day 13 speaks about Molly’s craft area. I had rooted out a small craft area in our small home but was soon over run by my daughter’s craftiness (her crafting not her wiliness 🙂 and now it looks like a hurricane flew around the area.

So here’s me.

Me: I need to get that area set up for my crafts.
Myself: But it’s too much stuff. You should go work on your room.
I: or just crochet something.
Me: No, for my next post, I have to have my craft area done.
Myself: But what about all the crafts in your bedroom. No, you should work on your room first.
I: or just crochet something.
Me: But how can I get ready for a craft show without a craft room?
Myself: Your bedroom deserves a make over.
I: or just crochet something…

Needless to say, my argument went on for about a week and I decided on my bedroom so that I can then move forward.

So what did I get accomplished? My bathroom! lol, It’s the master bathroom so I’m counting it. I’ll post pics as soon as I hang up my artwork and redo my curtains! But it came out rather nicely and guess what? I found empty space! I love purging. Who said that? Not, I.

Have a great weekend!


Finished Friday- Day 5

31 days to crafts show

Happy Friday!

Here’s an update on my progress so far for my inventory.

One completed pig! This is my first (well the first one I have the guts to show of a stuffie that I created. I think Pinkie T Pig came out all right.


I finished off the hair clips.


I loved this pattern, Sara had posted it on her 31 Days to a Craft show and it was exactly what I was looking for.


On Molly’s day 5, she offered a tip. Well I don’t have a tip about doing the craft but I do have a tip about pricing. I am by no means an expert. I undersell myself a lot. But it’s a learning process. So here’s what I’ve learned.

The only way a business, any business can survive is to make money: a profit. And the only way I can make a profit is if what I sell an item for is greater than what it cost for me to make it.

Let’s take my hair clips for example. Those are my Unit. I used the following supplies to make the clips: floss ($0.70), clip ($0.16) and glue (maybe for the dab of hot glue- $0.02). To find out how much it cost to make the clip I’d add the cost of the supplies.

0.70+ 0.16 + 0.02= $0.88

So, to make both clips, it cost me 88 cents. But there was more to making those clips: my time. Labor costs need to be factored in and this is where I always have a problem. Insert issues of self-worth 🙂 How much is my time/labor worth? How much would I like to be paid for crocheting? I’m going to say $3.00 an hour. No, I’m not trying to run a sweat shop but I also don’t want to out price myself so my business doesn’t make a profit.

So we have $0.88 + $1.50 (it only took me 30 minutes to make both.) The total cost of one unit is $2.38. I would have to sell these clips for more than $2.38 in order to make a profit.

There are other things to factor in, like overhead and the cost of running a business, like: the cost of the booth rental, the space I use in my house, business cards, packaging supplies! But for now, I’m not going to factor those things in. At least I know what it costs to make my hair clips.

I hope this was sort of helpful. How do you factor your price points?


WELCOME to February!!!!

One more month closer to my birthday!!! Whew, I can’t believe the first 31 days of 2013 are already gone or that only one month ago, I had began this blog and the 31 Day Blogging Challenge issued by Sara of Crochet Business.Com.
I’ve learned so much over the last 31 days. A big thank you, to Sara for all of her knowledge she shared with the cohort of crochet bloggers in Jan. You really helped me build my blog; help me find my voice and niche in the blogging world.

Earlier I think I mentioned that I’ve tried blogging before, well this past 31 days has really helped me pick up the habit of blogging every day, so I think I’m going to run with it!
I’ve already filled out my schedule for this month (and a bit into March) and started writing some of my upcoming post.

Upcoming Events:
I’m guest blogging over at Design by Hebrew Hands today so please stop by.
I’ll be hosting my Design-A-Long (Can’t wait and a bit nervous.)

Also, I will be changing my blog schedule some from my original plan: Motivational Mondays, Tabitha Tuesdays, WIP Wednesdays, Teaching Thursdays, Final and Finished Fridays, and introducing Short Story Saturdays. (We’ll see how that last one goes.)

Finished: Nothing
WIP: Michigan Blanket, charity projects, Pinkie T Pig,
Waiting: A kufi hat (commissioned), baby hat (for shower gift), butterfly blanket

What are your plans for this month?

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