WIP Wednesday And Day 10

31 days to crafts show

Two Years ago, I lost 40 pounds. Zumba helped. Running helped. Weight Watchers helped. But what helped the most was tracking! I tracked everything I ate, I tracked my weight loss, I tracked how many inches I lost. I love seeing my numbers shrink. I once read that if you want to see success about something, you should track it.

On the day 10, Molly discussed about tracking inventory. I’ve seen first hand how important tracking something is.

So adding to my inventory I’m working on…

I’m up to four dish cloths now.
dish cloth

These critters are made with floss.
hair clips

A doll. She’s coming along. I wish the picture came out better.


And my son wanted to me make him a blanket based on his high school colors!

Malachi's blanket

What’s on your hooks? If you want to see some other WIPS, check out


Day 4

31 days to crafts show

It’s Teach me something Thursday. So this will be a post with two parts. On day 4, Molly talked about business cards. He’s what I came up with, but I think they are very boring. I need to work on them.

business cards 1

On Yarn Obssession, Sedrula posted a really helpful post about what every business card should have. Check it out.

I got a lot of positive feedback on my Enterlac Blanket, so I began another one for the start of my inventory for the craft show.

Enterlac 2

My son even requested one done in his school’s colors: green and white. I wanted to post a bit of a tutorial as well. I first found out about Enterlac crochet from the book:
But I didn’t really like the way it worked up.

Then I found a really helpful video on Youtube and she linked to a website. Both were really well done, but left out some tips I learned as I was working mine up.

I’ll be posting a tutorial for any who what to follow along.

Day 3- Inventory and WIPs

31 days to crafts showHappy WIP Wednesday! Today, I’m also working on my 31 Days to prepare for a craft show. On day three of Molly’s 31 Days she discussed how much inventory would she have to bring (and make) for her first crafts show. Well, I think that ties in to my WIPs.

I finished my Tusican Enterlac and I don’t have anything else pending so now is the time to begin making my inventory.
enterlac blanket

But how much to make? What should I focus on making? Where do I begin? Yes, I needed to take a breath!

Molly listed the things she was going to sell in her post, so that’s where could start.

Baby hats , Baby booties , Baby sweater
Dolls , Doll clothes , Adult hats
Softies , Patterns , Crochet key chains
Hair accessories , Flip flop charms , Purses
Blankets , Tote bags , Shoes
Crochet doll food

All these things could work, but depending on which craft fair I plan to enter will really help me focus on which items to focus my attention on.

This week, I’ve began working on…

I love this hat. I used Red Heart Baby love in lilac and green. The butterfly came out well. I want to do a tutorial on it.
baby hat and booties

This will be attached to a hair clip. One thing I kept seeing on boards and posts, is that hair do-dads for girls sell well. I used embroidery floss! I was a bit skeptical as to how it would work, but it wasn’t that difficult.

hair bow

I found a post that said, as a rule of thumb, you should bring 10x the amount of the cost of the booth worth of inventory. FOr example, if the booth cost $100, 10 x 100= $1000 worth of product. I’ve got a lot of work to get done.

If you want to see what other’s are working on, check out Tami Amis’ blog:



Happy Sunday!

I had some time and I was just reading a very interesting blog about 31 days to a Craft Fair.

My goal of doing a craft fair is looking a bit out of my ability range at the moment. Have you ever done a craft fair? And if so any tips??


How Are Your Goals Coming Along?

I’m doing some thinking this Thursday. It’s Valentines Day and the day before most people will quit their New Year’s Resolution. I figured, I’d check in on some of my goals.
• By December 2013, I will have published or submitted for publication five crochet patterns.
I have 10 months left in the year. I need to spend some time on this one. I’ve written (or began writing) two, I need to get these finished, tested and posted.

• By January 2013, I will launch a crochet website. (Yay, one down)
YAY! But, I would like to refine my website. I should be able to upgrade soon from a free account to one I can personalize in two weeks. And I want to drive more business to my website.

• Over the course of the year, I will maintain my blog by posting at least twice a week for 52 weeks.
I have been doing well so far with this. I went from wanting to post two times a week to posting four times a week. I need to continue to plan out my blogging schedule and spending two days prewriting blog post for the month.

• By December 2013, I will have 5 new customers.
This one is going well. I have had three new customers in only two months.

• By October, I will participate in at least two local craft shows.
I’m not sure how this one will work. I began researching craft shows last night and two of the ones I found were scheduled to be held in November and I’m feeling very overwhelmed and unprepared! But, I know I can do it.
How are you coming with your goals?



I love Pintrest!

It is one of my favorite hangouts on the web. Day 19 of the Blog Challenge is all about Pintrest. Sara posted a amazing resource all about Pintrest. I’ve learned so much with this FREE, yep free webinar If you get a chance, watch it. Have paper and pencil close by because Michelle (awesome name)Shaeffer has tons of websites and helpful tips you are going to want to write down.

Today, since I’m still resting my wrist from crocheting, I’m going to see how “pinnable” I can make my blog!
Happy Saturday.

Friday- Snow Day

Brr… It’s cold outside!
Happy Friday to you. We have a snow day. Well our homeschool co-op does. So lots of time to get some items crossed off my to-do list.

Today for the 31 Day Blog Challenge… drum roll, please:
Writing Prompt:
I plan on using YouTube to market my Crochet Business in 2013 by _____.

Yay! I blog post that I totally get right off the bat! This is day 18. Personally, I learned a lot from YouTube, including how to do tapestry crochet. I plan to use YouTube to post videos on skills and techniques to help my readers and pattern customers learn any skills they may need to learn to complete their pattern.

Since it is a no school day for my kidos and a long weekend (Did I say yay?) my goal is to post my first YouTube video this weekend!

Snapshot from my video tutorial on carrying yarn

Snapshot from my video tutorial on carrying yarn

As well as make some final touched to two patterns I’ve been working on to be able to post to the site and send to my lovely tester *waves at ZaMarah*.

So what is on your docket this weekend?

Playing Catch Up

Days 12-15
I’m behind. Nothing new for me. And I even had a good reason. I was working on a baby blanket that I needed to finish for a customer.
That kind of leads us in to my writing prompts. One was about money. Not one of my favorite topics for discussion but a needful one. The next writing prompt was about the objectives I was going to use to help me reach my goals.
I think I can hit two birds with one stone.
My long range goal for 2013 is to have $1000 in sales. That would equate to $83.34 a month that I would like to make with selling my crochet. I also would like to look into pattern selling and even publish an eBook or two to help reach that goal. It’s not a lot, but it may help with a few extras.
How about you? What are you using to measure your success?

Day 10 of the Blog Challenge- What a Girl Wants, What a girl needs…

This song is playing through my head. Why? Because today’s challenge of the 31 days is all about finding out what my readers want to read about. Sounds simple, right? Not. I even ran away and worked on my first tutorial (which one of my readers requested- doesn’t that count?)

I must face my fears. I think polling my readers will be a very helpful tool, but I think I’m too small right now for a formal (and scary, to me) polling software or such.
So, I’m going to ask for some help. What would you ask your readers? What facts about them would help you tailor your posts to things of interest? What do you find most helpful in a crocheting website?

Day 8 of Blog Challenge

This morning I was tired. I had been faithful and diligent in posting for an entire week- SEVEN whole days. That was a record for me!

Yet when it was time to write this post, I was very faint of heart. My bed, Law and Order:CI, Facebook anything and everything were much more tempting than sitting at my computer and writing.

Have you ever had days like that, with so much to do and no desire to get it done?

Galatians 6:9 And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.

Today’s writing prompt from the 31 Day Blog Challenge is about what focus my blog will go in and how many times I’ll be posting. Well, I already answered that in another post but like a good teacher, I’d rather show rather than just tell.

I pressed on today to write, because this is a good thing I’m doing. Who knows (but please let me know if I do) I might be able to help someone today who is as tired as I am and has a whole day full of activity and wants to find time for a favorite pastime like crocheting or building their business from the ground up, like me. You might not ever know if a smile you give or a crocheted hat you gift or donate might change someone’s day.

It isn’t Motivational Monday, but instead of being Tired Tuesday, please join me in Triumphant Tuesday and press on to achieve our goals that we’ve set for our lives, our families and our businesses!

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